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Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for those with long-term disabilities (LTDs) to receive medical coverage for their permanent conditions. Too many times, insurance companies are reluctant to pay out benefits to their disabled clients when they are needed. They do all they can to avoid cutting these necessary checks, including delaying and flat-out denying claims.

Without the help of an experienced long-term disability lawyer, you may have great difficulty receiving the financial compensation you both need and deserve. If your insurance provider is refusing to pay you LTD coverage, then Indiana long-term disability lawyer Charles D. Hankey can help. Call our offices today at (800) 520-3633 to schedule an initial consultation.

What is Long-Term Disability Coverage?

Long-term disability (or LTD) coverage is an insurance plan structured so that you receive compensation for the wages you lose as the result of an injury, illness, or any other condition that prevents you from working. It is similar to life insurance, in that it will provide you with financial compensation in the event that you suffer injury from an unexpected tragedy, but instead of covering medical expenses, it reimburses you for lost, future wages.

Most people opt to purchase life insurance in the case of a disaster, but they do not always think to purchase LTD insurance. This form of coverage, however, can be extremely important in the event of a disaster. Without a steady income, you and your family could suffer great financial strain. Long-term disability coverage, however, can provide you with anywhere between 45-60% of your wages.

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