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Filing for long-term disability insurance can be a very long and trying process. You may have to wait for months or, in some cases, years for your situation to be fully assessed, the paperwork to be reviewed, and a decision to be made. You will also be required to complete a number of complicated and frustrating requirements. And, after waiting all this time, you can may be denied benefits.

Fortunately, the Indiana long-term disability filing lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may help you file a strong and successful claim. To speak with one of our attorneys about filing for LTD coverage, call our offices today at (800) 520-3633.

Types of Long-Term Disability Coverage

There are two different types of coverage available to those suffering from long-term mental and physical disabilities: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Although both programs are similar in motive, and both are organized and funded by the Social Security Administration (SSA), they are still quite different in many ways.

SSDI is granted to individuals who have suffered what is expected to be a temporary disability, although benefits will still continue if their conditions do not improve. In order to qualify for this coverage, one must have been employed in a job that is covered by social security and must have developed a disability, as defined by the SSA. SSDI may be available to family members, as well.

SSI is a need-based benefit, and it is granted to individuals who cannot work due to age, blindness, or another disability. Those who are eligible for SSI will receive cash that will cover what are defined as basic needs – food, clothing, and shelter.

Filing a Long-Term Disability Claim

Because it can take a very long time for a disability claim to be processed, it is important for you to file with the SSA as soon as possible. It can also be quite difficult to have your claim approved, so it is imperative for you to include all pertinent documentation, including medical records and testimonies from medical professionals. You need to prove that you are disabled and, therefore, cannot work – so being as thorough as possible is key.

With the help of an experienced Indiana LTD claims lawyer, you can present the SSA with a complete and detailed explanation of your situation. Call the attorneys of the Hankey Law Office to obtain the guidance you need.

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Sometimes, filing for long-term disability coverage can be difficult. If you are experiencing problems receiving disability benefits, contact the Indiana long-term disability filing lawyers of the Hankey Law Office today at (800) 520-3633 to receive the strong representation you need.