Former Missouri legislator pleads guilty to Social Security fraud

According to the Office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration, a former Missouri State legislator agreed to plead guilty for fraudulently taking federal disability payments amounting to $58,816. As a result of this guilty plea, former Missouri House of Representatives democratic member Raymond E. Salva agreed to pay $58,816 to the Social Security Administration (SSA) as restitution.

Records show that in February 2000, Salva’s Social Security disability payment was granted after claiming to have allegedly sustained a neck injury from a farm accident.  Yet despite having been elected in 2002 and serving as Democratic legislator to the Missouri House of Representatives for seven years, he continued accepting monthly disability payments from the SSA.

When the SSA discovered the fraud, Salva claimed that he was advised by an SSA representative that being elected into public office doesn’t affect his disability payments.

Salva’s plea deal made in June doesn’t include a possible $250,000 fine and 10 year imprisonment.

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Social Security Trust Fund 2013 Report Released

The board of trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, led by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, as well as senior government officials, recently released the latest report on the current and expected economic status of both programs for the year 2013.

Although the report stated that the current status for both programs seem to have improved, the overall Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund is still projected to be depleted in 2016, matching last year’s report, while Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund will be depleted in 2026, a couple of years later than what was reported in 2012.

With both Social Security and Medicare accounting for 38% of the national budget spending in 2012, experts are stressing the need for urgent reforms, as this will be necessary to safeguard and further strengthen those programs benefiting workers with disabilities and others using these programs.

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Social Security Administration releases list of most popular baby names

The Social Security Administration has released its list of the most popular baby names for Indiana and nationwide.

The state’s most popular baby name for boys was Mason, with more than 500 boys given the name in 2011. It was followed by Elijah, William, Noah, and Liam. Nationwide, the most common boy name was Jacob.

The most popular girl name for the year in Indiana was Emma, with the name given to 450 newborns. Other popular names for girls included Olivia, Isabella, and Ava. Nationwide, Sophia was the most popular name for baby girls.

The data was gathered from new Social Security card applications filled out last year.


Social Security to phase out paper checks

Starting next March, all government benefit payments will be disbursed electronically. The transition has already been in the works for months. Electronic disbursement will replace individually mailed checks, saving on paper costs.

Beneficiaries will have the option to have their funds deposited directly into their bank accounts or onto debit cards they will receive.

While 90% of beneficiaries already receive their benefits electronically, many of the remaining 10% are elderly or disabled people who may have trouble adjusting to the new technologies. There is concern that many of them will lose track of their finances if they don’t receive physical checks. By next March, all beneficiaries will have to switch to electronic statements unless they receive a special waiver.

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