Motorcyclists ride to raise money for autism

Motorcyclists in Indiana rode last Saturday to raise money for children who are struggling with autism.

The ride was sponsored by the Cornerstone Autism Foundation, an organization that helps children who are living with autism. The foundation will use the funds raised to purchase iPads for autistic kids.

Some families have already discovered the vast benefits iPads can have on autistic children. Some children with the disorder are nonverbal, making it difficult for parents and other caregivers to communicate with them. Using an iPad, they may be able to better communicate with their parents.

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Differences between SSI and SSDI

Many people do not understand the differences between Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which can have a negative impact on their applications for disability benefits.

The primary difference is that SSI is independent of an individual’s work record while SSDI is based on a work history, with the exception of those who have never been able to work because of their disabilities.

SSDI was expanded in 1960 as an amendment to Social Security, allowing disabled workers of any age and their dependents to receive benefits. SSI was created in 1974 to replace confusing individual state programs. SSI and SSDI receive their funding from different sources as well.

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