Why asthma patients should be eligible for LTD benefits

Some workers who can no longer do their jobs after developing asthma should know there are various medications available to help them control its disabling symptoms. Below are the medications that could be considered by individuals afflicted with asthma:

  • Inhaled medication, such as beta agonists, corticosteroids, or a combination of the two
  • An oral form of corticosteroids
  • Regular Omalizumab shots
  • Theophylline medicines
  • Leukotriene modifier medications
  • Cromolyn sodium

Individuals who have developed asthma should note that long-term asthma medications are often expensive and in some situations could be effective if combined with other medications. For those who become disabled and can no longer continue doing their jobs due to serious symptoms of asthma, it is worth considering applying for long-term disability benefits to afford medications.

Many families, unfortunately, have to deal with a great financial loss if their loved one can no longer continue their work due to debilitating asthma symptoms. If you are in such a bind, an Indiana attorney at the Hankey Law Office can help you file for your long-term disability benefits. Call us today at (800) 520-3633 to learn more about your options.

Former Indianapolis manager to get $500K of LTD benefits after appeal

Over $500,000 worth of back benefits was recently awarded by a federal judge to a former Eli Lilly and Co. employee in Indianapolis whose long-term disability (LTD) benefits were wrongfully denied, an article of the Indianapolis Business Journal reported on May 9.

Reports revealed former HR executive director Cathleen Kennedy quit her post in 2008 after developing a disabling medical condition. Though Cathleen’s company paid for her disability benefits for three years, her benefits in 2012 were stopped after her case was reviewed. Cathleen, who has severe chronic fibromyalgia, experiences pervasive fatigue performing the stressful expectations of a HR executive director, her doctors claimed. Cathleen’s initial appeal was rejected after her former employer was able to prove that she could still work, however, a federal judge consider her second appeal after claiming Lilly terminated her benefits by using a “bogus medical examiner.”

The lawyers of the Hankey Law Office fight for individuals in Indiana who had their long-term disability benefits wrongfully terminated. If you have found yourself in a similar situation as Kennedy, working with an experienced lawyer can be an essential asset when challenging large corporations and we may persistently appeal your case to possibly restore your much-deserved disability benefits. Learn more about your options today by calling (800) 520-3633.

Judges working hard to make it through huge Social Security case backlog

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you should know that you are beginning a long process and my not see any results for as long at 635 days.

Social Security courts are logged with thousands of cases. Poor economic times and aging baby boomers are putting a huge strain on the the Social Security Administration’s ability to quickly make it through its immense backlog. However, the administration is making strides to improve the speed at which it makes decision and is hoping to clear out its backlog of cases that are older than 310 days.

Even if the SSA wants cases to move more quickly, it does not mean your benefits are more likely to be approved. Social Security disability benefit approval rates vary wildly across individual judges. Some judges approve as high at 99 percent of Social Security disability benefit claims while others only approve a mere 5 percent of the claims they hear. Oftentimes, disability benefits are denied because a claimant wasn’t completely prepared to prove their claim to the judge.

If you are looking to apply for long-term disability benefits, you will want to work with someone who can help you gather and present the evidence you need to have your claim approved the first time. Contact the Social Security disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office, to learn more.

Long-term disability insurance often overlooked

Most people know the benefits of having auto, health, life, and homeowners’ insurance, but the importance of long-term disability insurance often goes overlooked.

The disability of a breadwinner can have serious consequences on a family’s financial outlook. The disabled person stops making money, but begins to accrue numerous burdensome costs because of their new inability to work.

Having disability insurance will allow a person who suffers the unfortunate event of becoming disabled to continue having  the funds they need to pay their expenses.

If you have become disabled and your long-term disability provider is refusing to pay your claim, contact the long-term disability insurance attorneys of the Hankey Law Office, at (800) 520-3633.