The expensive cost of treating bronchiectasis

Workers in Indiana may find themselves devastated after they are diagnosed with bronchiectasis. Since the medical condition has no cure, the situation is made especially bad if you have family members that heavily depend on you and your income.

Individuals may suffer from a long-term disability when the bronchial tubes in their lungs become enlarged and damaged. The common result of this affliction is numerous breathing problems due to infection. To live normally, individuals who have bronchiectasis are given costly treatments to lessen the risk of infection. Patients are prescribed with antibiotics and bronchodilators to suppress bacteria and to open up air passages. Other medications are also prescribed for patients to release mucus and to control chronic coughing. In more severe cases, patients may need to undergo surgery if bleeding occurs inside the lungs. In some situations, patients are also required to undergo therapy or a daily procedure to extract mucus.

If you become disabled by bronchiectasis, an attorney can help you pursue long-term disability insurance benefits. Find out how Hankey Law Office in Indiana may help you today by calling (800) 520-3633.

Long-Term Disability benefits for workers affected by Sarcoidosis Disease

Long-term disability policy holders in Indiana may be entitled to get their benefits if they can no longer work due to Sarcoidosis Disease.

Sarcoidosis Disease is the result of development of abnormal clusters of granulomas in different vital organs. This condition may prevent the ability of a person to work if it becomes severe. Workers who have chronic cases of Sarcoidosis Disease can often no longer work if they have symptoms like breathing abnormalities, skin problems, and severe eye problems. Some cases of Sarcoidosis Disease can even be fatal if the person’s vital organs are affected by granulomas.

Unfortunately, some long-term disability policy holders who cannot continue working after developing Sarcoidosis Disease are being denied benefits. If this happened to you in Indiana, the lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may be able to represent you and fight for those benefits. Find out how we can help you with your claim today by calling 800-520-3633.

Documents needed for appealing a denied long-term disability claim

Individuals suffering from disabilities who have their long-term disability claim denied by their insurance provider may want to include important documents before filing an appeal.

According to legal professionals who work with long-term disability claims, it is a good idea for claimants who are making an appeal to provide the following documents in order to help support their claim:

  • Detailed medical records
  • Testimony provided by medical experts
  • Detailed, written affirmation of claimant’s condition from family members or co-workers
  • Claimant’s detailed work description and how their disability affected their ability to continue working

As a long-term disability claimant, having your claim denied by insurance providers can be frustrating, especially if you have been unable to work for a long period of time. If this happens to you in Indiana, a lawyer from the Hankey Law Office can help you file an appeal for much-needed benefits. Call us today at (800) 520-3633 to find out more about how we can help you.

Long-term disability insurance often overlooked

Most people know the benefits of having auto, health, life, and homeowners’ insurance, but the importance of long-term disability insurance often goes overlooked.

The disability of a breadwinner can have serious consequences on a family’s financial outlook. The disabled person stops making money, but begins to accrue numerous burdensome costs because of their new inability to work.

Having disability insurance will allow a person who suffers the unfortunate event of becoming disabled to continue having  the funds they need to pay their expenses.

If you have become disabled and your long-term disability provider is refusing to pay your claim, contact the long-term disability insurance attorneys of the Hankey Law Office, at (800) 520-3633.