Linton holds Americans with Disabilities Act Seminar

Last week, the city of Linton held a seminar to discuss ways in which the city could better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In order to better understand the citizen’s concerns, organizers had the meeting’s 50 attendees complete a short survey. Sidewalks were the dominant topic of discussion. The sidewalks in Linton are said to be difficult for even people without any physical challenges. In some places, the sidewalks are broken and uneven.

The survey will be used to help coordinate ADA compliance efforts throughout the state.

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What does long-term disability mean?

Long-term disability coverage helps individuals earn a living after they are no longer able to work.

This insurance program is similar to the coverage provided by life insurance. If you are injured or become ill and cannot return to work, long-term disability coverage insurance can allow you to maintain your financial stability.

This insurance provides you with benefits checks that are set up to compensate the earnings you will lose due to your injury. Long-term disability insurance helps reimburse an injured individual with anywhere between 45 percent and 60 percent of your regular paycheck.

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Insurance policies changing for long-term care

The policies for long term care are now changing as the cost of premiums begins to raise and the market is growing smaller. Many people, who are now in need of long-term care, are facing complications with the new policies.

Insurance companies are adjusting their plans for long-term care because people who develop long-term illnesses are living longer and therefore the claims on the insurance companies are lasting longer.

Many insurance companies have raised their premiums anywhere from 6 to 17 percent since 2011. Long-term care covers what regular insurance policies do not such as in-home care and nursing home costs.

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Washington family guilty of Social Security fraud

Four members of a Washington family have pleaded guilty to defrauding the Social Security Administration as well as the state of Washington of approximately $350,000.

Their fraudulent scheme continued for 30 years. It began in 1979 when a woman claimed that her husband was mentally incompetent, and needed constant care and attention. In reality, her husband worked as a used car salesman, and collected benefits under a different name and Social Security number.

The couple said that their two children were also mentally handicapped, and needed to be watched on a daily basis. As the children got older, they began collecting fraudulent disability checks as well, by changing their names and filing under different numbers. They plead guilty to the fraud in Seattle, and will be sentenced in June.

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Fat Tuesday event to be held at Indianapolis City Market

At the Indianapolis City Market this Tuesday, a large Mardi Gras celebration is set to take place.

The Fat Tuesday festivities will begin around 5 p.m. and will offer numerous Mardi gras activities. There will be a costume contest to kick off the celebration, where prizes will be given to the winners. Live music will be playing throughout the entire event as well.

New Orleans-inspired drinks and food selections will also be a part of the Mardi Gras celebration. Po’ boy sandwiches and hurricane cocktails will be offered to guests during the party, and King cakes will be available for dessert.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please visit the Indy Star today.

The Indiana long-term disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office hope that everyone stays safe during the Fat Tuesday festivities.

Man defrauds SSA of $41,805

A Louisiana man is facing 10 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to stealing government money.

In 2002, the man began to earn disability checks from the Social Security Administration, SSA. He was told by the administration that once he was able to work again, he needed to inform them. He chose to ignore that advice, and continued receiving the checks for an additional four years after he returned to the workforce.

Over those four years the man accepted roughly $41,805 of government money that he was technically not entitled to. He could face a fine of $250,000, or a 10-year sentence in prison, or both. His sentencing will determine his overall verdict for his conviction.

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Age at which you receive Social Security benefits affects monthly amount

If you are interested in earning a larger Social Security retirement check each month, then it is recommended to put off obtaining a check until you surpass the official retirement age.

The official retirement age is 62-years-old. You are considered to be at your full retirement age when you are between 65-years-old and 67-years-old, depending on your birthday. If you decide to collect your retirement benefits as soon as you turn 62, you will be collecting a smaller amount each month.

By choosing to wait until you reach your full retirement age, you will be earning a significantly larger amount on a monthly basis. The Social Security Administration said that not waiting until full retirement age can reduce the amount of your retirement benefits by a total of 30 percent.

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Indianapolis gearing up for Super Bowl weekend

The Indiana long-term disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office have learned that security for Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis has been strengthened in order to accommodate for the expected crowds.

Super Bowl XLVI is set to take place this Sunday, February 4, 2012. People who have purchased a ticket to the game can expect to be waiting in several security lines before gaining admission into the stadium. Officials are urging individuals who plan on being in Indianapolis this weekend to plan accordingly in order to incorporate security wait times into their schedules.

The slogan for the weekend of the football game is, “If you see something, say something,” and is geared towards fans. The city wants everyone to have a great time enjoying all of the festivities, but they want to make sure everyone stays safe. To learn more about Super Bowl XLVI events and security measures, please visit the Indy Channel website today.

Married couple receive prison sentence for disability fraud conviction

A married couple living in Washington will both serve prison time for their parts in a Social Security Disability fraud scheme that lasted for several years.

The man began defrauding the state of Washington for disability benefits when he turned 18-years-old. He used a fraudulent Social Security number and name, claiming that he had been hurt while working and was unable to return to the workforce.

When the man met and married his wife, she began helping him with the continuation of the fraud. On different occasions she would pose as a concerned neighbor in order to be a witness to his injuries and at other times she would pretend that she was her husband’s sister when agents would visit their house. They both plead guilty to the fraud charges.

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Unemployed workers turn to disability benefits

The unemployed individuals in the United States have begun to lean on the option of Social Security disability benefits.

Employment is currently limited in this poor economy and those who are still searching for a job are looking into receiving disability benefits in order to sustain their lifestyle. There are currently 10.2 million Americans enrolled in the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

The people trying to earn these benefits are not injured to a point where they could not work, it is merely the fact that they are unable to find a job. This trend could be hazardous to the program and soon the money could run out for the people with long-term disabilities who depend on these benefits.

If you need assistance filing for long-term disability benefits, please contact the Indiana long-term disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office by calling (800) 520-3633 today.

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