Long-Term Disability Discussed in Health Care Reform

A new federal insurance program is among the measures being debated in the health legislation bill. The program would provide cash benefits to those with long-term disabilities. The bill is meant to help people with severe disabilities who wish to live in a community, although a person could also use the benefits toward assisted living or nursing home care.

Advocates of the measure say that it is a step in the right direction to help aging baby boomers and people with disabilities. However, critics say that the program could create financial problems for the government in the future.

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Healthcare Debate Shows Importance of Long Term Disability Claims

The recent health care debate that has been occurring for the last few months and has brought many health related issues to the fore-front of the national debate.

One of the most discussed issues is the costs of care.  The costs of care are a substantial factor in individuals being able to afford the costs of a long-term disability.  These high costs have kept many individuals from receiving the treatment they need.  These costs have also kept some insurers and other agencies from providing the care that an individual deserves.

If the overall cost of care can be brought down,  then the ability to help individuals with a long term disability become more manageable.

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