Disabling symptoms of bronchiectasis

When one’s bronchial tubes or air passages become swollen or permanently damaged, it is possible that person will be deemed permanently disabled. Individuals who develop bronchiectasis can often¬†no longer do their jobs because of the disabling symptoms caused by recurring lung infection. Below are the serious symptoms linked to bronchiectasis:

  • Recurring cough and coughing up blood
  • Excessive amounts of mucus released through the cough each day
  • Breathing problems, including unusual breathing sounds
  • Foul breath odor
  • Fatigue

There are several risk factors for a person with bronchiectasis because it can be acquired from other ailments, such as simple flu or tuberculosis. Once diagnosed, people with bronchiectasis are prescribed costly antibiotics or other medications to suppress infections or thin the mucus. In severe cases, patients may be required to undergo surgery.

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