Disabling symptoms of asthma

One of the most common respiratory diseases that can leave a person disabled is asthma. Reports suggest that over three million people in the U.S. suffer from asthma every year. Workers who develop asthma in their workplace may be unable to perform their jobs, especially if the condition becomes severe and affects their daily lives. Below are the possible signs that asthma is worsening:

  • Recurring asthma attacks and symptoms becoming unusually frequent
  • Breathing problems that become more frequent than usual
  • Asthma patients who find themselves heavily dependent on inhalers or breathing devices

People with asthma usually find it difficult to breathe during an attack because the airways of the lungs are swollen and constrict with more mucus. There are various medications and breathing devices available for asthma patients to breathe normally. Workers who have severe asthma, on the other hand, can file for long-term disability benefits. If you were disabled by asthma in Indiana, call an attorney at the Hankey Law Office today at (800) 520-3633 for filing assistance.