Treatments available for people disabled by emphysema

When individuals are diagnosed with emphysema, they often find themselves unable to continue working as they suffer symptoms related to serious breathing problems. However, there are medicines and other treatments available to alleviate emphysema symptoms.

Some emphysema medications are in the form of inhalers that are similar to asthma medications. The goal of the medication is to help normalize the patient’s breathing by opening the airways. Individuals with emphysema suffer breathing difficulty because the damaged air sacs fail to pass sufficient oxygen to the bloodstream. Other medications could be taken orally or introduced through an IV. However, such medications are seldom considered due to adverse side effects. Symptoms could also be alleviated by oxygen therapy sessions, especially for those who have severe emphysema. In the most serious cases, surgery could be required for emphysema patients.

If you are undergoing emphysema treatments such that you can no longer do your job, filing for long-term disability benefits is one way to sustain your expensive medications. Find out how an Indiana lawyer at the Hankey Law Office may assist you in the filing process today by calling (800) 520-3633.