LTD benefits denial due to lack of medical evidence

One of the common reasons long-term disability (LTD) filings are turned down is because applicants failed to provide all their medical documents to strengthen their legitimate disability claim. For many, LTD benefits augment their medical and living expenses as they can no longer do their job due to their disabling condition.

It is common for insurers to initially assume that LTD applicants have undergone medical treatments for their disability. Prior to the application, it is important to make a documentation of all doctor visits including treatments that have something to do with the disability. For example, if you have been disabled by a respiratory illness, it is sensible to present documents that you are seeing a pulmonologist including the tests and treatments you have. Insurers also turn down LTD application if there are some medical records missing as it could lead to inconsistency in the condition of the applicant. It is also critical that the patient gets a written statement from a doctor regarding the disabling condition and how it prevents the patient from doing his or her work.

Unfortunately, insurers that are backed by ERISA often deny LTD benefits, even if the applicant has complete medical evidence supporting their disability. However, if this happened to you, working with an attorney at the Hankey Law Office in Indiana who may legally represent you might lead to a better outcome. Call us today at (800) 520-3633 to find out how we may help you fight insurers acting in bad faith.