Types of debilitating back injuries

Back injuries often result in financial loss when workers are unable to do their jobs. Though there are multiple ways a person can sustain a debilitating back injury, some common back injuries are spondylolithesis and cervical radiculopathy.

When the vertebra at the base of the spine suddenly breaks or fractures, a person could be suffering from spondylolithesis. This type of back injury is very common: over three million people every year are affected. Spondylolithesis may result in a long-term disability when it becomes persistent and the pain affects the lower limbs or makes them numb. The other type of back injury is cervical radiculopathy. This type of back injury usually happens when the nerve in the vertebrae of the upper spine is damaged. Individuals who have this kind of injury often find themselves incapable of performing simple physical tasks because its symptoms affect the neck, shoulder, and arms. Though there are various treatments and therapies available for people who have back injuries, some may need to undergo expensive surgical procedures.

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