Tuberculosis and long-term disability benefits

Families often find themselves struggling with a great financial loss when their loved ones are infected by tuberculosis (TB). However, workers in Indiana should know they may be able to obtain their long-term disability (LTD) benefits if TB prevented them from earning an income.

When bacteria starts to accumulate inside the lungs, individuals may experience symptoms that can prevent them from doing their jobs. Symptoms such as persistent coughing that does not subside, sudden weight loss, chest pains, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and coughing up blood are common when TB is active. People who have active TB can cause infection to the people around them. In some situations, TB may be latent, especially when it does not have any symptoms. Though several medications are available for people with TB, in some cases the bacteria may become so strong that medications are no longer effective.

If you believe you can no longer continue working due to the debilitating symptoms of tuberculosis, working with a skilled attorney is critical, especially if you are applying for LTD benefits. Speak with a Hankey Law Office attorney in Indiana today by calling (800) 520-3633 to find out how we may work on your behalf.