Disabling complications of heart disease

Heart diseases are often serious issues that leave patients permanently disabled or in critical condition, depending on the severity of the condition. Workers may be eligible to obtain their long-term disability (LTD) insurance if they suffer from any of the following complications linked to heart disease.

  • Heart attack: a condition when a blood clot causes damage in some muscles of the heart.
  • Heart failure: when the heart can no longer function to circulate blood needed by the body.
  • Ischemic stroke: brain tissue dies as a result of insufficient blood reaching the brain due to clogged arteries.
  • Atherosclerosis: the condition that causes leg pain due to insufficient blood reaching the lower limbs.
  • Aneurysm: the artery wall bulges and can cause fatal internal bleeding.
  • Sudden loss of heart function or “cardiac arrest,” which can lead to death.

Workers who have any kind of heart disease should be able to obtain their LTD benefits so they can sustain treatments that may include surgery procedures, depending on the severity of the disease. If you are in such a situation in Indiana, an attorney at the Hankey Law Office may be able to offer you legal assistance in filing for or appealing your LTD benefits. Find out how we could help you obtain your needed benefits today by calling (800) 520-3633.