Former Indianapolis manager to get $500K of LTD benefits after appeal

Over $500,000 worth of back benefits was recently awarded by a federal judge to a former Eli Lilly and Co. employee in Indianapolis whose long-term disability (LTD) benefits were wrongfully denied, an article of the Indianapolis Business Journal reported on May 9.

Reports revealed former HR executive director Cathleen Kennedy quit her post in 2008 after developing a disabling medical condition. Though Cathleen’s company paid for her disability benefits for three years, her benefits in 2012 were stopped after her case was reviewed. Cathleen, who has severe chronic fibromyalgia, experiences pervasive fatigue performing the stressful expectations of a HR executive director, her doctors claimed. Cathleen’s initial appeal was rejected after her former employer was able to prove that she could still work, however, a federal judge consider her second appeal after claiming Lilly terminated her benefits by using a “bogus medical examiner.”

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