Helpful tips on how to notify a LTD provider after becoming disabled

Oftentimes people are at a loss and devastated when learning they can no longer work due to a disabling medical condition. The situation can be worse if the person who became disabled has a family to support. However, individuals should understand that they can help the situation by remaining as calm as possible when contacting their long-term disability (LTD) provider in Indiana.

Though it may seem difficult, people should organize their thoughts first before contacting their LTD provider. Insurance companies might not understand a person who is shouting or giving disorganized information regarding their condition. It is easier to recount the events that led to a person’s long-term disability when one remains calm and maintains an authoritative voice.

Fortunately, there are skilled lawyers who provide legal assistance to disabled individuals who are applying or appealing for their long-term disability benefits. If you think you are in a related situation in Indiana, a lawyer at the Hankey Law Office may work for you. Call our office today at (800) 520-3633 to find out how we may possibly help you get your much needed benefits.