Disabling complications of osteoporosis

People who depend on their physical strength to complete their everyday jobs may be eligible to for long-term disability insurance if they believe that they can no longer perform their jobs after their bones fail to regenerate and eventually become frail.

Older adults who work in construction sites, industrial sites, or even inside the office are at risk of suffering from hip or spine fractures caused by osteoporosis. In some serious situations, people with osteoporosis may suddenly become disabled. Workers, especially older women or those whose families have histories of osteoporosis, are advised to notify their doctors about it after suffering symptoms like back pain, abnormal posture, or any recurring back issues precipitated by a previous injury.

Workers who become disabled as a result of severe osteoporosis may often struggle to keep their jobs and provide for their families; that’s why it is essential for disabled workers to ensure they are covered with long-term disability insurance. At the Hankey Law Office, our legal team has a strong understanding of the detailed and complex legalities associated with Social Security Disability, and we can answer any questions you may have regarding your coverage. Call us today at (800) 520-3633.