Importance of getting a lawyer when appealing an LTD claim

Though it is a frustrating experience when a person’s long term disability insurance (LTD) claim has been denied, applicants should not lose hope. The next step after this denial is to file an appeal in order to have your claim re-evaluated for approval.

As a disabled person appealing the decision regarding your LTD benefits, it is crucial that you enlist the help of a skilled lawyer who knows the ins and outs of  Social Security law. Because an applicant will have a limited number of appeals, it will be essential for you to get your application just right. A qualified lawyer will be able to help you strengthen your claim to benefits by organizing and presenting the information properly.

The lawyers of the Hankey Law Office work with people in Indiana who have been denied their much-deserved long term disability insurance benefits. If this sounds like your situation, we may be able to help you deal with the complex appeals process. To discuss your case with one of our attorney and learn more about your legal options, call us today at (800) 520-3633.