Common reasons for LTD benefits termination

Individuals who are receiving long term disability benefits (LTD) should be aware that their monthly payments can be cancelled by insurance providers under certain circumstances. Below are the possible reasons for LTD benefit termination:

  • Policies have limited LTD benefits for mental and other chronic illnesses
  • Beneficiaries who secure word may lose eligibility for LTD
  • Failure to undergo appropriate treatment to recover from the disability
  • Failure to apply for SSDI benefits
  • Varying disability definition after certain coverage periods
  • Disabilities do not inhibit the beneficiary’s ability to perform daily tasks
  • LTD beneficiaries will lose benefits when they reach retirement age or pass on

Since insurance policies vary, it is important for LTD beneficiaries to read every detail of their policy to avoid having their benefits terminated.

Sadly, many long term disability recipients experience financial problems when their benefits are suddenly terminated. Our attorneys at the Hanky Law Office work to represent clients who are having difficulty dealing with the Social Security disabilities offices in order to receive benefits. For more information on what we do, call our Indiana office at (800) 520-3633 today.