Right time to apply for long term disability insurance

Workers in Indiana who develop a disabling health condition should consider filing for their long term disability (LTD) insurance benefits while they are employed.

Claiming LTD benefits while still working may reduce your chance of being denied deserved benefits. Usually, LTD providers may argue that workers’ benefits are discontinued after resignation. Since disability benefits are computed based on salary, workers may want to file a claim during a time when their income is high. Filing for an LTD claim during employment also prevents workers from having to sign severance packages that unknowingly may sometimes compromise their long term disability benefits in the future.

If you are a worker who has decided to file for your long term disability benefits in Indiana, a lawyer at the Hankey Law Office may work on your behalf. Find out how we may help you get the benefits you need to sustain your disability by calling (800) 520-3633.