Possible causes of quadriplegia

Workers who develop quadriplegia, or “tetraplegia”, may be entitled to long-term disability insurance in this difficult situation, when they can no longer utilize any or all of their limbs due to paralysis. Below are the possible causes of quadriplegia:

  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Certain kinds of strokes
  • Cerebral palsy

Workers who develop quadriplegia as a result of an accident that took place in the workplace are possibly entitled to the maximum payment from their long-term disability insurance provider until retirement if they are unable to work for the rest of their lives.

The legal team of the Hankey Law Office in Indiana represents workers who develop quadriplegia in their workplace. If you are in such situation, we may possibly work on your behalf, especially if you believe that your insurance provider is not reimbursing your deserved benefits to sustain your disability. Learn more about your legal options from us today by calling (800) 520-3633.