Disabling symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome

Workers who use certain equipment in their everyday occupations may be at risk of suffering from the disabling symptoms of HAVS, or hand-arm vibration syndrome.

When workers develop HAVS, the nerves, blood circulation, and tissues in their hands and arms are damaged due to oxygen deprivation caused by excessive vibration of equipment during operation. Workers with HAVS experience numbness and painful tingling sensations in their hands and arms. Though the disorder normally subsides, skilled workers who seldom take breaks from using equipment like jackhammers, power lawnmowers, asphalt breakers, chainsaws, and needle guns may suffer from the disabling symptoms of HAVS.

The legal team at the Hankey Law Office understands that workers who can no longer work due to the disabling symptoms of HAVS should seek long term disability benefits for support and treatment. If you are experiencing this, we may help you in the filing process for the benefits you need. Call our office today at 800-520-3633 to learn more about your legal options.