Supplemental documents needed to appeal LTD claim

If you have developed a serious illness as a worker in Indiana and your insurer is denying you release your long term disability insurance benefits, you may consider appealing in order to receive the funds you need. If you plan to appeal your claim, you may need the following documents:

  • Printed reports from doctors describing the severity of your illness
  • Written statements from your company or family members that describes your health condition
  • Specific information about your job and an explanation on how you are unable to do it due to your condition
  • Medical records that relate to your disabling condition

Appealing for your long term disability benefits could mean a huge difference for the livelihood of you and your family.

Though you will need supplemental documentation to appeal for your LTD benefits, working with a skilled lawyer is also worth considering to help you strengthen your claim. Find out how the Indiana lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may represent you today by calling 800-520-3633.