Consider a long-term disability insurance plan

Individuals who are considering long term disability insurance plans should examine the following factors before buying an insurance policy to make sure that all their needs will be fulfilled if they suffer from a prolonged injury or illnesses:

  • Your workplace or job nature is risky.
  • You have family members or any independents that rely solely to your income.
  • You still have unsettled debts, such as a car loan or monthly mortgage.

Individuals who have purchased LTD insurance policy are given a percentage of their lost salary during a prolonged injury or illness, which can be critical for those unable to work for a period of time.

Sadly, the Indiana legal team at the Hankey Law Office believes that many workers suffering from a long term disability who are covered by LTD insurance have been wrongfully denied their benefits. If you think you are in such a position, our lawyers may possibly help you file a claim against a bad faith insurance company. Call our office today at 800-520-3633 to learn more about your options.