Emotional repercussions of being denied LTD benefits

Workers in Indiana who can no longer continue perform their jobs after developing a debilitating health condition may need to file for long term disability (LTD) benefits. However, some individuals’ mental and emotional states can deteriorate when they are wrongly denied their much needed long term disability benefits. Here are some common and damaging emotional responses when this happens:

• Hopelessness– Many individuals will feel like there is nowhere to turn to once their benefits were denied.
• Anger– Anger and frustration is enough to exacerbate some individual’s physical or mental conditions.
• Depression–  Depression can lower productivity and lead some to dangerous behaviors like drug use or self harm.

The attorneys at the Hankey Law Office know that in Indiana alone, many disabled workers are wrongfully being denied of their much needed benefits. If this happens to you, we may work for your behalf to strengthen and appeal your LTD claim. Call us today at 800-520-3633 to learn more about your options.