Why workers with peripheral artery disease should receive LTD benefits

Workers in Indiana who develop peripheral artery disease (PAD) may be entitled to long term disability benefits since some of the complications of this condition make it difficult to work for many.

Those with severe PAD may suffer from serious complications like cardiovascular problems and severe ischemia affecting the limbs. They may also be required to undergo expensive surgical procedures when they suffer intermittent claudication. Workers suffering from the disease may find it difficult or even impossible to walk because blood is not normally flowing to their limbs as a result of plaques that narrow the arteries. Since walking is often difficult for those with PAD, it is extremely challenging to perform many basic work-related duties.

If it is impossible for you to continue working after developing peripheral artery disease in Indiana, the lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may possibly assist you in applying for your long term disability benefits. Find out how we can possibly help you get your much needed funds to sustain your lifestyle today by calling 800-520-3633.