Indiana HIPAA violator ordered to pay $1.44 million

A pharmacist and her employer, Walgreen, in Indiana were ordered to pay $1.44 million for violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), INDYSTAR reported on November 17.
The Indiana Court of Appeals on November 14 decided that Walgreen Co. and employee Audra Withers were liable were disclosing the confidential medical records of Abigail Hinchy. Withers was sued for wrongfully accessing confidential information of Hinchy and sharing it with her husband. Withers’s husband who had a past relationship with Hinchy reportedly disclosed the information to several individuals and attempted to use it in a lawsuit against Hinchy. Walgreen settled $1.44 million even though they disagreed with the ruling. A legal counsel of Hinchy stated that Walgreen’s motion to appeal the case made way for other HIPAA violation victims to hold companies liable.
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