Long-term disability benefits and paranoid personality disorder

Indiana residents who developed paranoid personality disorder, commonly known as PPD, may find it impossible to continue their work and should be entitled to long term disability benefits (LTD).

Workers who developed this kind of mental health condition often find it difficult to maintain prolonged social interactions, making many work environments difficult to navigate. Individuals with PPD may believe that coworkers or management is against them or a potential threat. Individuals with PPD may not be able to continue their present position at work if PPD interferes with their professional relationships.

If you are coping with this condition, working with a skilled lawyer to file for long-term disability benefits is important in order for you to strengthen your claim. If you are planning to file for your LTD benefits in Indiana, the attorneys of Hankey Law Office may assist you. Consult with our attorneys today at 317-634-8565 to learn more about your options.