How to prove Long Term Disability

Individuals who can longer do their jobs as a result of developing incapacitating disabilities should collate all evidences for their insurer. Only by doing this can a person receive their much needed long-term disability benefits to cover expensive medications and treatment.

  • Individuals should clearly tell their doctor about their health condition, severe symptoms, and how it affects their job performance
  • Individuals need to have copies of their medical records from the beginning of their debilitating illnesses
  • Individuals may want to seek a letter from their doctor detailing their disability and clearly explaining how they can no longer do their job as a result of the disability

Proving your long term disability to your insurer by gathering your medical records can be difficult, mostly if you are unclear on how best to do this. In this difficult situation, consulting an experienced lawyer could be critical to strengthening your long term disability claim. Speak with the Indiana lawyers of the Hankey Law Office today by calling (800) 520-3633, and learn how we can help.