LTD benefits for workers who developed schizophrenia

Workers unfortunately oftentimes cannot continue doing their jobs after developing schizophrenia or other serious types of conditions that abnormally alter their sense of reality. Individuals with long term disability (LTD) insurance should be entitled to their benefits if their work is affected by the following complications of schizophrenia:

  • Self abuse, self infliction, or even suicidal tendencies
  • Distorted sense of reality, delusions or hallucinations
  • Avoiding social interactions that affects productivity
  • Family or relationship problems

Sometimes insurers do not recognize the debilitating nature of this condition and will not award you the funds you need. If you can no longer work due to serious complications of schizophrenia, a lawyer may possibly help secure long-term disability benefits so you can cover costly treatment and living expenses. Find out how the Indiana attorneys at Hankey Law Office may represent you today by calling 800-520-3633.