Brain trauma as a long-term disability

Since the brain commands all the movements of a person’s body, a brain-related injury may prevent a person from being able to earn income. Intracranial injury, commonly known as brain trauma, is one such injury that often disables victims enough to where they struggle maintaining employment.

People who developed brain trauma, depending on the condition, may experience the following complications:

  • Altered state of mind
  • Communication, thinking, emotional and behavioral problems
  • Damaged senses
  • Brain damage and other brain-related diseases may arise

When you are suffering from a disability that is brain-related, it may be critical to apply for long-term disability to get the funds you need to live. A skilled disability benefits attorney can help you make your claim stronger. If you have a debilitating brain injury in Indiana, the lawyers of Hankey Law Office may advocate for you. Find out how we may help you get the funds you need through long-term disability benefits today by calling (800) 520-3633.