Long-Term Disability benefits for workers affected by Sarcoidosis Disease

Long-term disability policy holders in Indiana may be entitled to get their benefits if they can no longer work due to Sarcoidosis Disease.

Sarcoidosis Disease is the result of development of abnormal clusters of granulomas in different vital organs. This condition may prevent the ability of a person to work if it becomes severe. Workers who have chronic cases of Sarcoidosis Disease can often no longer work if they have symptoms like breathing abnormalities, skin problems, and severe eye problems. Some cases of Sarcoidosis Disease can even be fatal if the person’s vital organs are affected by granulomas.

Unfortunately, some long-term disability policy holders who cannot continue working after developing Sarcoidosis Disease are being denied benefits. If this happened to you in Indiana, the lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may be able to represent you and fight for those benefits. Find out how we can help you with your claim today by calling 800-520-3633.