Basis for long-term disability claim rejection

Workers who need to be covered by long-term disability (LTD) insurance may get frustrated to learn that their insurance provider rejected their claim if they feel their disability deserved reimbursement. Insurers usually deny LTD to workers who fail to provide strong evidence on their disability claim. Workers may not get benefits for the following reasons:

  • Workers who only suffer pain may not qualify as having a real medical condition and may not get their LTD benefits
  • The workers’ disability is pre-existing and they are not getting medication or doctor’s care
  • Their insurer learned that they can still perform their job effectively even with their disability

The lawyers at the Hankey Law Office believe that many disabled Indiana-based workers are entitled to receive long-term disability benefits. If your insurer failed to reimburse your much needed benefits, we may possibly help you with your claim. Discuss your situation with us today at (800) 520-3633, and learn more about your options.