Entities that are regulated by HIPAA

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, certain “individually identifiable health information” that covered entities have is protected. Usually, HIPAA enforces information privacy on the following:

  • Private and federal health insurance providers.
  • Health care providers, like hospitals, doctors, and most medical practitioners.
  • Any companies that receive workers’ medical information either digitally or on paper from another company regulated by HIPAA.
  • Business associates, like any third-party person or company that require access to workers’ medical information.

The protections to patients afforded by HIPAA is especially important when it comes to ERISA, as it provides employees and their covered family members from being denied health coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, as our team at the Hankey Law Office knows, many people in Indiana find themselves faced with ERISA-related issues. To get the legal help that you need when filing an ERISA claim, call (800) 520-3633.