Long term disability benefits for persons with bronchiectasis

Persons who are suffering from bronchiectasis, which is a serious respiratory disease in which the air passage known as the bronchi is obstructed due to inflammation, may qualify to get long term disability benefits if their condition worsens to a significant point.

Bronchiectasis may develop as a result of other illnesses, like tuberculosis, having mucoviscidosis, or from being a heavy drinker. People affected by the disease usually have adverse health conditions like breathing problems and bad breath caused by periodic infections of the respiratory.

Unfortunately, when this condition becomes serious, it can cause the organs to not get enough oxygen, leading to heart problems and more. In these situations, a person may too much medical care and be unable to perform work-related tasks, leaving them in need of long-term disability.

Getting long-term disability benefits can be difficult. However, if you have bronchiectasis and live in Indiana, our lawyers form theĀ Hankey Law Office may be able to help you through this process. Find out more about how we can possibly help by calling (800) 520-3633.