Understanding long-term disability

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they can be devastating to an employee’s career. Fortunately, however, when a worker can no longer perform his or her job after sustaining a serious injury, long-term disability benefits may provide them with financial aid. As such, workers who have sustained serious injuries from their current work should know that they may be entitled to long-term disability payments from their employer.

Disabled workers should also understand that depending on the insurance plan of the disabled individual, long-term disability benefits usually cover about 50 to 70 percent of their previous salary and may support them from 5-10 years.

Employment tenure and other conditions are also considered before disabled workers may become an eligible beneficiary of long-term disability payments.

Sadly, many Americans who became disabled at work experience problems claiming their benefits. If you are having trouble claiming disability benefits in Indiana, the legal team at theĀ Hankey Law Office may help you get the benefits you need through an appeal. Call (800) 520-3633 today to share your story with one of our lawyers.