Long term disability application process for workers with emphysema

Workers who have developed emphysema, which is a chronic lung disease that causes breathing difficulty due to degradation of air sacs in the lungs, may be able to obtain long-term disability benefits. In order to get these benefits though, a person must go through the application process and file a claim.

In applying for long-term disability benefits, workers who are afflicted by emphysema must prove how the disease affects their daily life and that they can no longer do any substantial work. Workers are also required to provide proper medical documentation from an accredited hospital or medical professional. When filing a claim for emphysema in particular, the results of a pulmonary function test should be provided in order to determine the seriousness of the disease. Additionally, an emphysema treatment track record and its effectiveness should be provided.

Being disabled due to health problems, such as emphysema, can affect your life drastically, especially when it comes to your finances. Fortunately, long-term disability benefits may be available to help you handle this situation. If you are looking to file a disability claim in Indiana, a lawyer from the Hankey Law Office can help you understand your options when you call (800) 520-3633.