Workers’ compensation denied to Joplin social worker

The disastrous tornado that struck Joplin in May affected thousands of people. A 51-year-old social worker was one of those people.

The man was working during the time the tornado was in full force. He decided to stay at his office and try to help as many people as he could. The social worker climbed on top of mattresses to try and save three mentally handicapped men that he had worked closely with throughout the years.

It is being considered a miracle that the man survived. He was thrown from his initial location and suffered broken ribs, missing teeth and was put into a coma for two months because of the 200 mph winds the tornado produced. Having no medical insurance, the bills for his treatment have become increasingly high, surpassing $2.5 million.

Workers’ compensation was denied to the man to help pay for these bills. The community has rallied behind him and believe this claim was wrongfully denied.

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