Four injured in Indiana car accident

A car accident involving two vehicles occurred in Indiana on the U.S. 31 highway. A 17-year-old driver was driving at an accelerated speed when the vehicle turned out of control and hit a concrete structure on a bridge.

The vehicle bounced off of the concrete structure hitting it again from a different angle. This time, the collision caused the two passengers in the vehicle to be ejected. The vehicle was then thrust back into traffic on the highway where the rear of the car was hit by an oncoming van.

The two passengers that were ejected sustained severe injuries and were taken to local hospitals. One of the passengers was unrestrained in the car while the other was restrained but the force of the crash caused the seat belt to malfunction. The 17-year-old driver received multiple injuries as well and was transported to a hospital.

The driver and passenger in the van were uninjured in the accident. Investigation is still pending.

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