Construction worker suffers extreme injuries in workplace accident

25-year-old Texas construction worker, Dallas Wiens, was the victim of a horrible construction site accident.

The worker was operating a boom lift when it struck a power line. The accident resulted in severe burns to his head, leaving him blind and in a coma for the next three months.

Wiens then underwent 22 different surgeries. The most recent surgery he underwent was a 15 hour face transplant procedure. According to Bringham and Woman’s Hospital, Wiens’ face transplant was the most complete transplant that has been done in the U.S. to date.

It will take Wiens a very long time to recover from his workplace accident. Due to the nature of their job, construction workers can easily find themselves in danger of eloctrocution, suffocation, burns, broken bones, and other injuries from the powerful equipment they work with.

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