$20M Settlement in Verizon Long-Term Disability Lawsuit

Verizon has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a class-action long-term disability lawsuit.

According to court documents, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a long-term disability lawsuit against Verizon alleging the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Verizon refused to make exceptions to its “no fault” attendance plans to accommodate employees on long-term disability. Under the challenged attendance plans if an employee accumulated a designated number of “chargeable offenses,” he or she could be penalized.

Verizon placed the employee on a disciplinary step which could ultimately result in more serious disciplinary consequences, including termination. The EEOC claimed that Verizon failed to provide reasonable accommodations for people on long-term disability and failed to make an exception to its attendance plans for individuals whose “chargeable absences” were caused by their disabilities. According to the EEOC, the company instead disciplined or terminated employees who needed such accommodations.

The lawsuit resulted in a $20 million settlement.

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