NJ Federal Court Permits Aetna ERISA Lawsuit to Proceed

A federal court in New Jersey has given the go-ahead to a class action ERISA overpayment lawsuit against Aetna, Inc.

The lawsuit, Association of New Jersey Chiropractors v. Aetna, pertained to the plaintiffs challenging Aetna’s practice of demanding repayment of healthcare benefits it later deemed had been improperly paid. The plaintiffs claim that Aetna failed to comply with procedural protections provided by ERISA.

Accordidng to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs “assert that Aetna, prior to requesting repayment from a provider, must issue a revised Explanation of Benefits to the insured.” The lawsuit also claims Aetna’s prepayment review process was improperly handled in their case.

Aetna claimed that the group of doctors sought to use ERISA to bring the company’s anti-fraud efforts to a “standstill.”

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