FedEx Worker Files Lawsuit Over Long-Term Disability Benefits

A FedEx worker has filed a lawsuit against Hartford Life Insurance Co. challenging the termination of his long-term disability benefits.

According to court documents, Geral R. Brown was employed by FedEx Freight East, Inc. when he was injured while unloading a delivery truck on March 3, 2003. Brown was covered by FedEx’s employee welfare benefit plan, the lawsuit states.

Brown received short-term disability benefits for six months and then long term disability benefits for twelve months from  September 1, 2003 through August 31, 2004. The lawsuit claims the “Plan provided that an employee may continue to receive disability benefits only if the disability prevents him from performing one or more of the essential duties of any occupation for which he is qualified by training, education, or experience.” Hartford found that Brown did not qualify for an extension of benefits.

Brown claims Hartford’s representative was supplied with incorrect documents filed in a social security hearing that occurred far before his injury.

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