Construction Worker Injured in Trench Collapse

A Salt Lake City construction worker was injured in a trench collapse Tuesday afternoon.

According to officials with the Lehi Fire Battalion, the man was part of a construction crew working in a trench on Chapel Ridge Road in Lehi. The man was inside a protective trench loading bucket of a track hoe when he attempted to pivot outside the box. Other crew members noticed that the man had stepped out of the protected area and warned him, Fire Chief Rick Howard said, but it was too late. Between 100 and 200 pounds of dirt clod fell onto the worker.

“He wasn’t buried, just big dirt clods hit him,” Howard said.

The injured worker was transported by medical helicopter to the University of Utah Hospital for treatment. His condition was described as “critical but stable” by Howard.

Howard said the man stepped out of the trench at the wrong time, but he was not the cause of the collapse.

The crew was installing a large water pipe.

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