TX Man Claims Long-Term Disability Leave Cost Him Job

A man in Texas has filed a lawsuit against Comcast of Houston LLC claiming he was fired for receiving long-term disability.

According to Galveston District Court documents, Texas City-resident Daniel Antley claims Comcast threatened him with termination if he remaind on long-term disability for the full amount of time he requested for back surgery recuperation. He claims the company discriminated and retaliated against him for taking long-term disability.

Antley worked for Comcast for almost ten years. He underwent back surgery in August 2007 and was required to be out of work for at least six months for recovery, and would need several more months of physical therapy, the lawsuit says. Antley applied for and recieved long-term disability while out for the operation.

According to the lawsuit, Comcast management instructed Antley to return to work after only four months. He claims his supervisors told him he would lose his job if he did not return to work immediately. “Not wanting to lose his job, Mr. Antley convinced his doctor to release him to work,” the lawsuit states. “Mr. Antley’s doctor released him to light duty.”

Antley claims his back never fully recovered because he returned to work earlier than expected.

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