RI Man Files Long Term Disability Lawsuit Against Social Security Administration

A Rhode Island man has filed a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration for denying him long term disability benefits.

According to court documents, Dale Rankin claims he “suffered severe and serious personal injuries” to his back as a result of being rear ended by a Rhode Island Public Transit Authority bus in 2005. Rankin claims his injuries prevent him from working as a carpenter. The Social Security Administration, however, denied his long term disability benefits claim after a video surfaced of Rankin playing basketball and moving out of his apartment.

Rankin and his attorney say the video doesn’t show anything to indicate his claim is illegitimate. “I’m not really shooting anything,” Rankin said. “The only thing I’m doing [in the video] is trying to spend what time I have with my son.

Rankin’s attorney, Vincent Morgera, said the video does not accurately represent his client’s quality of live. “For someone to maliciously make a video clip of him walking down the street and in some cases trying to be a father to his two young children, I don’t think that’s a fair reflection of what’s going on in this mans life,” Morgera said. “If you knew the medication this man has to take to combat the pain, you might have a different perspective about whether or not he’s injured.”

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