Jewel Osco settles disability discrimination lawsuit with EEOC

Grocery chain Jewel Osco recently settled a federal lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for $3.2 million.  The EEOC filed the lawsuit against Jewel for alleged disability discrimination.

One former employee, Rosemary Bednarek of Merriville, injured her back lifting boxes at Jewel in February 2004.  After seeing a doctor about the injury, she was advised not to lift anything weighing greater than 20 pounds.  Jewel did not accommodate to her disability and she injured her back again a few months later.  Soon after, Bednarek was terminated from her position.

According to court documents, at the end of employees’ medical leave, Jewel would fire the disabled employees rather than helping to assist them with their disability.  Since 2003, approximately 1,000 Jewel employees in Northwest Indiana and Chicago were fired from their positions for their disability.  110 of the former employees will receive a payment from the lawsuit averaged at $29,000.

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