Cancer can lead to disability

According to a new medical study conducted by Dr. Kurt Kroenke of the Indiana University School of Medical, if left untreated, some cancer symptoms can lead to disability.  “Residual symptoms from cancer can be a cause for a lot of the disability and suffering patients have.  Patients need to know that, and doctors should be aware of it,” stated Kroenke.

The study researched 405 adults with various stages of cancer.  All participants suffered from cancer symptoms of either depression, physical pain symptoms or both.  Common pain symptoms associated with cancer include dizziness, fatigue, back pain, limb pain, joint pain and insomnia.

For the purpose of the study, Kroenke defined disability as having to stay in bed or reduce activities by 50 percent due to either physical or emotional pain.  In a four week period, almost 60 percent of study participants had at least 14 days of disability.

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