Cancer Patient Fights for Change in LTD Legislation

A woman with terminal cancer, who has waited months for her long term disability benefits, will finally take delivery of her first check on May 19.

The process of being approved for long-term disability benefits can take years. Once someone is approved, there is a built-in lag time that is meant to “ensure that we do not pay benefits to people who do not have a long-term disability,” said Kia Green, a spokeswoman for the Social Security Administration.

Ten months ago 47 year-old Heather Russell was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Doctors found tumors spreading through her lungs, brain, pelvis, neck, and adrenal gland. Russell and her family are fighting to have the built in lag time law overturned. United States Senators Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, are cosponsoring legislation, known as S. 700 “to eliminate the waiting period for individuals with life-threatening conditions” covered by social security.

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